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Principal's Corner




Thank You Boss      by Paul Berchtold, October, 2010

Thank you boss, for the hard work you've done, It isn't always easy, it's not always fun, You've got many a duty, many a chore, Lots of headaches there, behind your office door.

Thank you for your courage in taking the lead, And looking out for our every need, Thanks for giving us the chance to grow, With you in charge, it's forward we go.

Thank you for your wisdom, and your guidance, And when we goof, thank you for your patience, Thank you for showing us how to improve, Get with the show and stay in the groove.

Thanks for helping us keep at our work, Thanks that you don't let us go berserk, You're the leader directing our team, Even on the days we're a bit extreme.

When you feel like pulling out your hair, We want to chip in and do our share, Follow your orders whatever you ask, We want to help you in every task.

When our job is over, the day is done, May God bless each and every one. Especially you, we remember in prayer, Thank you for your kindness and your care.

Thank you boss, we wish you the very best, May every work of yours be richly blest, May the sun upon you, always sweetly beam, May you reach your goals, fulfill your every dream.